The Next 180 Seconds

Sometime last week, I am sure you asked, “Where did the time go?” You’ve done the math, right? Every day you have 1,440 minutes…and sometimes they go by pretty quickly. When you ask yourself how you used them, managed them, or what you could have done differently, you’re looking the wrong way. Asking where the

What makes life worth living?

I’m concerned about something I’m hearing a lot more from my peers, my friends, and my coaching clients. In an almost habitual way, some people around me are bypassing “reality” and leaping forward, toward a future I’m afraid will surprise some of them. Or worse, does not turn out the way they’d assumed. Raise your

They Don’t Trust You (Yet)

People like to work with people they trust. They get more done. Faster. More efficiently. For a higher good. If you’re a leader, you might have an imposed expectation on yourself demanding you always be on, and you always have all the (right) answers. If you’re a parent, a spouse, or a friend, you might

3 Steps To Advance Your Career In A Few Months

Ever wonder what it takes to be better at what you do? Or, how you do it? There’s really no magic to being more skilled; you can take steps now to become a better leader, a more effective manager, a more productive director. What will it take for you to improve? It’s likely that you

Why You Need These 2 Lists

“But I thought you meant…” Have you heard someone say that lately? Or, have you said it to someone you work or live with? Talking about your goals – out loud, and with the right people – is a sure way to save time, relieve stress and be more productive. You might even save some

Three Important Reasons Why You Should Take Time to Imagine An Ideal Day

Have you ever taken the time to imagine what an Ideal Day might be like? Have you considered what it would look like, sound like, feel like? Imagining Ideal Days is something I do quite often. I carve out time to sit down, put pen to paper, and write about what an Ideal Day would

3 Fundamentals – how the brain works to collaborate

What a founder needs to do… Do you ever wonder if another late night, low bank account and constant stress is all worthwhile? If you’ve ever questioned your very existence, or whether the objective you’re pursuing is worth it, you must return to the basics… Study the fundamentals. Here on the island of Menorca, we

How different? (Do you want things to be?)

Do you have an executive coach? 19 years ago, someone to help me because it just wasn’t working. Just 12 years ago, I took what I’d learned and started sering leaders as a “voice of reason” and someone who “looks at things differently!” Today, I talked with one of my clients 1:1 and after our

Could a single question change everything?

It was October, 1995 and I was a first-year Graduate Student, at the University of California. At the end of one especially difficult day, I asked for a meeting with a mentor. For about an hour, I explained how hard it was, how challenging the program was, how I might be re-thinking my career choice…

4 Estrategias para administrar mejor tu tiempo

Esta semana vamos a concentrarnos en las pequeñas cosas que puedes cambiar para iniciarte en el camino de hacer de lo bueno algo mejor. Probablemente tienes una serie de hábitos con los que te sientes cómodo, y eso está bien, porque te llevaron al lugar donde estás actualmente. Pero si tuvieras la oportunidad de ir