Make More of Your Morning

One of the most difficult aspects for many people we work around is actually getting going early in the day. Whether you’re a morning person or you “kick in to to gear later in the day,” it’s important to look at what I call the “first third” of the day. For me, the day is

Things to do before a meeting (today's list)

“Sam glances at the corner of his computer monitor and thinks, ‘It’s 9:47, I’ve got 13 minutes until that conference call. What should I do now?’ And that is when the troubles begin.” Have you ever found yourself looking around for something to do, when you have “just” enough time to do one thing? The

3 Ways To See The Future (today's list)

“People see objects and how they relate to one another. We don’t just see with our eyes. We see with our brains. Our eyes are the camera, but the process of interpreting the image in our brains is seeing.” via The brain performs visual search near optimally. You’re going to work – whatever that means