3 Things to Track for a more productive day – a webinar

For the first 12 people to reach out to me via email, I will send you the Webinar (a live, online conference) login and dial-in information for a special presentation that we’ll schedule in the next week or two. (The presentation will last 20 minutes, starting at 9:05, ending at 9:25, with time for Q&A.)

3 Things to consider when delegating work

We go to work, we sit down at our desk, we move a piece of paper or two around, make a phone call, send an email, and (probably) go to a few meetings… That is a day’s work. From time to time; however, we come up with something that MUST be done, that we can

3 ways to improve during the in-between time

I’m traveling a lot lately – and, as I think about the time I check out of a hotel, cab to the airport, wait a while, fly across the nation, land and drive to Ojai, I realize that there’s gonna be some “in-between time.” What happens when you have a day where you know there

3 Ways to Maximize Your Best Just Got Better on iTunes

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, please tune in to Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More Here are 3 ways you can maximize this podcast: 1) Subscribe and connect your iPad/iPhone or shuffle to download as soon as each one is published. 2) Burn the Audio file as a MP3

Para comenzar solo necesitas dar el primer paso

¿Alguna vez sentiste que tus proyectos son tan grandes o tan complejos que no sabes por dónde empezar? Puede tratarse de la construcción de tu nuevo sitio web, el análisis de los datos financieros del año que termina o bien una investigación sobre posibles nuevos mercados.  Seguramente dedicas varias horas a la semana a planificar

3 Ways to use an article on Time Management from Training Magazine

Each month, I write a dedicated article for Training Magazine in the column called, “Productivity Coach’s Corner.” Here is an article with 2 ideas you can use to take control of your time. Training Magazine article on Saving Time As you can see from the title of this article, it’s important to “control your time.” Here

3 things to consider when looking for a mentor

Thank you to for asking about mentoring: When I read “Mojo” by Marshall Goldsmith, I solidified a couple of ideas about mentoring. 1. That “thing” that I need mentoring with is much closer than I think. Over the past few months, my Moleskine journal has “received” several notes (in my handwriting!) about leadership, professional

3 Tips for a More Productive Day

Do you start each day with a plan for action? Most people do. Whether they make a to-do list or leave emails in their inbox to work on throughout the day, they have some way to manage their tasks and projects. Each day, however, we manage more than just time. We manage conversations, meetings, and

Have a “Less-Stressful” Holiday Season…Ready?

Happy December, Don’t PLAN to spend this holiday season stressed out. No one in their right mind does.  But…be careful because many of you reading this are facing a lot of pressure. You might be traveling.  You might be with family you haven’t seen in a while.  You might be managing through a big “end-of-year”

1 thing that is vital to your success as a leader

Over at Get Momentum, we believe that it is vital to your personal and professional success to be able to present your ideas proactively. No matter the occasion (and, the more aware of it I am, the more I realize that people “take the stage” all the time!), the ability to create a personal presentation