Are you on the path to make your best better?

If you are, in fact, how far along are you in that process? If you’re starting, or halfway there, or thinking you’ve made it…try this out:

Findout a blank piece of paper, get a pen, and set a timer for 15 minutes.

Yeah, just 15. (Do it here…)

I coordinated this activity 26 times this year, in New York City, Spain, California and during online webinars, for audiences as small as 20 and as large as 375.

With a blank piece of paper in front of them, a countdown timer on the large screen in front of the room, and “quiet time to think,” I invited the participants to think up as much as possible.

If you had time to think, what would you write?

Do you think the items would be short-term, task-y kinds of things? What about the bigger picture? Would your vision, direction or dreams show up? What about other people…that is, what would you think other people would encourage you to write?

So, with this idea in my mind…follow along. Recently, I stopped by the front desk of a hotel I was staying in.

As I entered, the manager (who I know from frequent stays in her hotel over the past 5 years) asked,

“Mr. Womack, do you have a minute?”

She told me that she’d recently attended a leadership conference and the speakers there talked about BIG words like: Commitment. Planning. Organization.

Then she asked, “What other things come to mind when you hear those words?”

You can guess what I did, right?

I asked, “Can I have a blank piece of paper?

I wrote down her three words, and then I looked up and asked, “What other words come to mind when YOU see those three?”

(It turns out, she’s working on a review session to bring ideas to HER staff at the hotel, and was asking me to help brainstorm some of the topics…)

Would you believe that in less than a few minutes we came up with 4 more words, a “draft” of an outline, and a great quote she might use in her speech?

“How did that happen so quickly?”

I hope you’re asking yourself that question right now…

She wrote more down.