Question: What’s your own “So that…”?

You know, the reason you do it all…your own raison d’être…your purpose.

Everything I’m writing, all the articles I’m reading, even when I’m on my mountain bike in the Los Padres National Forest above my house…it’s on my mind! Chapter 7 of “Your Best Just Got Better” is all about “Improvement…and purpose.”

In 1995, I decided to go to graduate school, in education, and learn how to teach.

In 1996, I graduated and immediately joined a high school (here, in Ojai!) as a teacher in several departments; I taught US and World History, Spanish I and Spanish II, ESL, Mock Trial, SAT Prep, and I coached Varsity Baseball.

I had a strong “So that…” all the way back then. I wanted to continually improve my teaching skills and content knowledge so that the students I worked for were as prepared as possible for their next steps…whatever those turned out to be.

Now, I’m still at it.

My “So that…” is crystal clear:

“To equip clients with the mindset, practices and tools to make their best even better.”

The book I’m holding in the picture above was given to me by Mrs. Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO of the Leader to Leader Institute. She’s a mentor to me, someone who has been interested in leadership and professional development since long before her tenure as CEO (1976-1990) of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

We had a discussion one morning over a cup of tea, the month her most recent book was published, and spent an hour talking about students, schools, coaching and leadership. I walked away feeling inspired, honored and “tasked” to go and step further into my own “So that…”

What’s YOUR “So that…”?

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