Terry Moore:
How to tie your shoes
Video on TED.com

Ok folks, honesty time… I would not have thought I’d be so enthralled by a less-than-3-minute video from a guy demonstrating to me the empirical fact that, for 30-some-odd years, I have been tying my shoes wrong! And, yet, he did prove it to me. (And yes, I’ve gone to the back bedroom to try and tie the pair of shoes that ALWAYS come untied…I think it’s gonna work!

How exactly can connect the way one ties their shoes to the habits and routines we fall in to at work? Well, I dare ya to try and tie your shoes “the other way.”

Once you see how ingrained that habit is, just ask yourself this question: “What else do I do, that I don’t even know I do, that is not as effective or efficient as possible?”