…to think?

Ok, here is one I hear quite a bit. “Jason, I’m going to get to that __________ (fill in the blank) when I have time.”

If you’re still reading this post, reach over to your desk, pull out your Moleskine, or simply tell the person sitting next to you what you’re waiting for time to do. Chances are there are a few things in the back of your mind.

So, following the Mastering Workplace Performance ideas, we suggest you begin, now, managing toward what you want to experience without waiting for the right time to appear. (Which, by the way, seldom does!)

Here are three ways we suggest you move further…faster:

5-day experiment
For the next 5 days, pick one “time management” aspect of your workflow to observe, track and address. Just this morning, I met with a client who decided to track “in-person” interruptions. Would you believe that in less than 5 hours he was interrupted 24 times? It’s just not possible to get the work done you need to get done when you’re being interrupted every 5-25 minutes.

Accountability Partner
Find someone who will check in with you at certain, pre-determined times each day. In the morning: Meet to plan your day. Let them know the one or two (no more!) major areas of focus you’re going to address that day. Meet (or talk by phone) mid-day to give an update. Tell them where you are, in relation to your morning intention. Finally, at the end of the day, send an email or leave a voicemail for your AP describing how you did, and what you’re thinking as you’re walking away.

IBT – In Between Time
There are going to be some meetings canceled today. You’re going to show up early (or on time) to a meeting that won’t begin on time. You’re going to be put on hold. Are you ready, to be ready to do something? There are a bunch of things that can be done “in between.” Read 1/2 a chapter of that book on your Kindle or iPad. Write a thank you or hello greeting card. Call to make or cancel a reservation. Use DragonAnywhere to dictate some emails to send later. Update your calendar or task list on your iPhone or Android®.