Change Your Perspective…

…change your life!

How are you?” a colleague asks. 

So busy,” you reply. 

Does this sound like a typical day in the office?

Also, it’s the #1 reason we co-founded the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy in 2012 and wrote our book by the same title in 2016. Your routines can be valuable when they streamline your workflow. 

Now, if you’re feeling stuck, change your perspective.

It’s what we coach leaders to do…

Keep reading below to learn THREE ways you can change your perspective

But first, a video:

Change the way you see (and do) things

Below, you’ll learn 3 ways to change your perspective, get MORE of the more important things done, and be a better _________ [fill in the blank!].

#1. Go. There.

Work where you won’t be interrupted for 30 minutes. 

Reserve a conference room and go there to think deeply about a big, long-term project. You’ll get more quality work done in a shorter amount of time if you protect yourself from interruptions by other people, your own workspace and your technology. 

How do you find this time? Here’s a video to get you thinking…


#2. Meet. Them.

Meet with someone and talk about what’s real. 

A mentor, a coach, a therapist, a sponsor…you need someone you can talk to in confidence.  Hearing another point of view on your problems can give you a fresh perspective, relieve some stress, and it may even produce new solutions.  

So much stress is caused by you thinking about (and REthinking about!) something that should be different. Once you know you want things to change, you’ve GOT to have the conversation – a NEW conversation – with yourself and someone on your team who can help you get there.


#3. Be. Mindful.

Think. Do. Then think again. 

It’s all routine: how, where, and when we think. So, change it up. Write the name of a project on a note card, get a pen, and go for a 10-minute walk outside. When you get 5 minutes away, stop and write down what you’ve thought of about the project. Then, walk back to your desk. Changing your location changes your perspective. Stimulating your brain with fresh supply of oxygen can give you the creative boost to notice what was right there all along.


Of course you’re busy…

Change see old things in new ways, get ideas to work smarter, and achieve more of the goals you’ve set.

Extra Credit

Download this Conversation Guide infographic.

You just may get an idea you can use to have a better conversation and change your perspective today!




We cofounded the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy to serve leaders who serve others. You receive training AND coaching in 12 Leadership Skills you’ll be called on to improve year after year. We coaching you In Person, In Print, and Online. 


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