What do you think influences your productivity the most? Your work environment? Your technologies and tools? Your co workers? Watch the video below, and you’ll see me talk about the three things I have seen positively AND negatively influence people’s productivity…in life, and at work. Click the link below for a video all about this topic:

VIDEO: The 3 things that influence your productivity

1) Who do you spend time with? I know that the networks I belong to will influence my thoughts, my outlook and my areas of interest. One of the reasons I keep an ongoing calendar of events is to spend time with people in my network who encourage me to think…differently AND bigger!

2) Where do you get your great work done? Go there…soon…and bring your work with you! On the trip I’m on right now (32 contiguous nights in hotels in a row, in 5 different countries) I know that I can get more and less work done based on where I am working. In the middle seat of an airplane trip (like Zurich to London last week) or in the hotel suite (like I am in here in New York), I can focus at different levels of attention. How about you? Favored work places? What are they?

3) What do you always do…so that now, you don’t even know you do it? I’m astounded by how my habits and routines take over…all the time. I get in bed by a certain time. I work out each morning. I watch a TED.com talk or two. I write in a journal. I read from a non-fiction book…and the list goes on. For a week or so, actually assess just how many things you’re doing “on routine.” You’ll be able to see where your time indeed goes!


I hope you get an idea or two from this mini-article. Be careful about letting things influence your productivity, and you’ll get more done, faster, with less effort!