For years now, I have encouraged the process of sitting down at least weekly with someone who cares as much (ore more) than you do about your own development and growth as a leader, creator and professional. It seems that every workshop I facilitate, the question comes up, “What do you talk about when you talk with a mentor?”

A while back, I sent out a Tweet, a Facebook update, and a LinkedIn status update asking the question: If you could ask a mentor ANYthing, what would it be?

I received several emails, phone calls, and status responses, and wanted to share them here.

Take a look, and see if any of these match the questions you’d ask…if YOU could!

Alex Holman
“How do you maintain composure and retain the confidence of your employees during a recession?”

Daniel Richman
“How do you do, what you’re meant to do?”

Brent Sute
“Why is it more often than not very hard to do anything of significance?”

Rae Lauren
“Who do you trust? And how do you know when to trust them?”

Chris Babayco
“What is the best way to motivate the people I depend on to complete their tasks?”

Ms. Selene T.
“What has been the most rewarding risk you have taken?”

Ben Anderson
“What has been your most crucial moment?”

Lisa Peake
“What do you consider your greatest failure (at the time it happened), and what did you learn from the experience since.”

Bill Staikos
“What were some of the easiest and hardest changes they’ve made in their life to keep motivated professionally?”

I am thankful for the mentors I have in my life, and over the next few months, I plan to implement these questions into my conversations with them. What is the question YOU could ask a mentor? Leave it as a comment below!