As a manager, a leader or an individual contributor, you’ve got to become more EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE to build a high performing team.

If you want to do that:

Learn Emotional Intelligence.

For just ONE HOUR a week (Monday, August 7th and Monday, August 14th), Get Momentum member Stephen Collins (living in Canberra, Australia) will host Emotional Intelligence Mastermind sessions through our online, global meeting room. These meetings are open to anyone!

It’s free to register (here) but be sure you download the reading materials (free) HERE.

Emotional Intelligence is the POWER that helps you be a more effective leader.

Getting Things Done…it can be challenging while working with your team. When you learn the skills of team building and collaboration, everything is better.

How well do you work together?

And, what could happen if you deliberately focused on building a higher performing team? Of course, your workplace would be a better place to work; projects would get done faster, and often better. But what about home? Wouldn’t it be nice if you were on the same page more often with your spouse…your kinds? And, what about in your community? Are you a volunteer in an organization that could use these skills of Emotional Intelligence.

Are you still wondering if you need to attend this Mastermind session?

Here’s a challenge for you: Open your Momentum Journal, and write a page to answer this prompt:

Would you like to empower others, increase your productivity and trust those you work with do their best every day?

By the way, according to research the benefits of YOU learning Emotional Intelligence include:

  • You will communicate better,
  • You can reduce anxiety and stress,
  • You will know how to defuse conflicts,
  • You can improve relationships,
  • You’ll have more empathy with others, and
  • You can more effectively overcome life’s challenges.

If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, just click below to add the event to your calendar:

August 7th, 4pm PT and August 14th, 4pm PT