Think about it…

  • Delivering the Keynote at an industry conference,
  • Updating your team on next years projections in the conference room,

…and even…

  • Talking to your spouse about your ideas for weekend/dinner plans.

What do they ALL have in common?

You’re presenting yourself, and influencing others.

If you’ve taken the GET MOMENTUM Self-Assessment (click here) you know where you need to IMPROVE as a presenter.

GET MOMENTUM members, be sure to join the MasterMind group coaching call this week!

On Thursday, May 11th GET MOMENTUM members will share their insights on becoming a better presenter.

Join & share a “lesson-learned.”

Who knows, you could be the inspiration someone needs to become a better presenter themselves!


  • Open your Momentum Journal to a fresh page.
  • On top write, “A Lesson I Learned.
  • Write a few lines describing where you were, the presentation you gave where you learned something and whether it was a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE experience.
  • Finally, respond to these 3 questions:
  1. What happened?
  2. How did it impact you?
  3. What was the REAL lesson?


  • Add your MasterMind group coaching call to the calendar.
  • Call in for 3-5 minutes and share your experience…and the lesson you learned.

Just think, if you share what you learned (maybe even learned the hard way!) you may help a fellow GET MOMENTUM member avoid that hardship sometime in the future.

That is was the GET MOMENTUM community is all about!


Please do STEP 1 of this note because we know sometime this month you’ll have an opportunity to share that lesson with someone you know.

And, we invite MEMBERS to bring their answers to the MasterMind group coaching call on Thursday.