Jodi will give a speech at a big conference on May 25th. (Register here!)

Onstage in front of 800 project managers at the Path To Agility Conference in Ohio, she will talk about

How to get momentum when you need it most!

If you told her 10 years that she would be on that stage, in front of THAT many people, she would have called you crazy!

May’s theme in the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy is PRESENT LIKE A PRO.

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Whether you consider yourself “stage ready” (Jodi often jokes that I wake up in the morning looking for a mic!) or you’re a reluctant but willing speaker (like she is), PRESENT LIKE A PRO will give you tools you can use immediately.

You’re Presenting All The Time

We know you’re presenting all the time. Whether you’re on the main stage, the conference room, the classroom or even on the phone with clients.

If you have a big talk coming up or have been contemplating the benefits of taking a more prominent role in communicating with your team or in your community, you’re going to love May’s Course Work and Master Class: PRESENT LIKE A PRO.

And for people who don’t think of themselves as presenters, consider when you’re talking in a meeting or even around the kitchen table…

how CAN you have the greatest possible impact on the people you care most about?

Benefits You’ll Experience

As a result of going through PRESENT LIKE A PRO Course Work and Master Class (May 4th), you’re guaranteed to reduce the stress you feel when speaking in front of groups – which is a huge WIN!

Other side benefits may include a greater sense of ease and relaxation which show up as increased confidence. And when you’re relaxed and confident, your audience will relax and trust you…

So get ready to be even more concise, compelling and confident in May.


No matter what role you have, you’re presenting to your team, your clients, and your family ALL the time.

Getting even a little bit more clear, concise and compelling, could make your life (and theirs) better!

Take the SELF-ASSESSMENT right here, and find out how ready YOU are for your next presentation. Are you ready?

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