Each month, I write a dedicated article for Training Magazine in the column called, “Productivity Coach’s Corner.”

Here is an article with 2 ideas you can use to take control of your time.

Training Magazine article on Saving Time

As you can see from the title of this article, it’s important to “control your time.” Here are three ways you could use this article:

1) Print the PDF and re-read it every 7 days for just over a month.
After seeing this for 5 weeks in a row, you’ll be more likely to experiment with the ideas there.

2) Write YOUR own two tips to controlling your time during the day.
Consider sharing these tips with your team, and asking for their help/support in making it easier for you to work with them (those two ideas) in mind. (Consider leaving one of your ideas as a comment below!)

3) Forward that link to a few people close to you and ask them what THEY think they could do to be more efficient with their time.
Who knows, they might come up with something that helps the whole team/department or company!