Mastery…what is it?

The freedom of wind in your face, sun on your arms and the exhilaration of your own human-power moving you along…

Last year I qualified to race in the USA Triathlon National Championships.

Do you remember learning to ride a bike?

I don’t. I mean, not really.

And, I’m sure I didn’t know what it would take to ride at this competitive level; I do now.

  1. You don’t ONLY learn to ride a bike from reading about it.
  2. You don’t ONLY learn by watching a video.
  3. You don’t ONLY learn by wishing you could…
You learn by doing…
Me? I learned by falling; I remember crashing. A lot. In fact, I broke my left arm on my bike. Years later, I crashed in a race and suffered incredible road-rash down the right side of my body.

My bike weighs 17 pounds (and I’m just 133!). I ride @21 miles per hour next to vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds, traveling at 40 MPH or more…

I continue to learn, I practice, I get coaching and I get better. (AKA: Faster!)

How did I become a master of my bike?

I read. I watch videos. I practice. AND, I have two coaches. One writes up the workouts I need to do to continue competing. The other teaches me to be a better bike handler.

Did I say, I practice? A lot. Consciously, deliberately and constantly, I practice.


Look in the mirror today to tell yourself that 25% of 2017 is gone.

You have 264 days (that’s just about 6400 hours) until 2018.

  • Do you want to get more from your time?
  • Do you want to get more things done?
  • Do you want more time for yourself?
  • Do you want more freedom?
Now is the time to “look in the mirror” and CALL OUT your CURRENT time management strategies as not enough!

If you take the Advanced Time Management self-assessment here, I’ll send you:

  1. Your results
  2. A summary of your results
  3. And, an article titled, “Master Your Lists, Manage Your Focus”

You can learn to improve how you manage your time. You COULD read another article. You COULD watch a video. You COULD wish you had more time.

Or, you can seek Mastery.

I’m here to help. Take the self-assessment here and schedule a 15-minute coaching call. I’ll meet with you, if you’ll meet with me.