Have you ever done something because it’s the right thing to do, not knowing if anyone would notice? Here’s what someone said recently:

“Jason and Jodi really care for each member ~ I don’t feel like just a “customer” in their program.”

We recently published a 4-part seminar series titled: Get Momentum: Move Beyond “Stuck” to Finally Achieve Your Dreams.

You could have learned:

  • the #1 thing to do when you earn a promotion.
  • to manage time better in the morning to get more done.
  • the ONLY reason people miscommunicate (and argue!).
  • that Get Momentum teaches you to live your best life.

Last week a Get Momentum member from Michigan told Jodi, “I’ve saved thousands of dollars this year alone by delegating work more clearly to my staff.”

And just yesterday, Jason spoke with a member in the Middle East who is practicing what he learned in video #2. He has arrived home in time for dinner with his family more times this week than the entire month before!

  1. Did you watch those videos and make a change?
  2. Are you using that “time management” technique?
  3. Is your communication more clear and deliberate?
  4. Are you ready to take what you do to the next level?

Don’t stop at the 4th video. Keep the momentum going. You are capable of SO MUCH MORE, and we can coach you to be better!

Join the Get Momentum Academy today.

This 12-month program is an online AND in-person coaching program. In just 2-4 hours per month, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be a better leader,
  • Manage your team more effectively,
  • Eliminate the “distractions of unproductive days”, and
  • Get more of the most important things done.

You’re not done. You’re not tapped out. You haven’t reached your peak.

More is possible. Momentum is possible.

It’s time to work with coaches who know you, what you need to do AND to join a community that holds you accountable to the promise you made to yourself.

Read what Fabien Modoux – a long-time Get Momentum member in New York City – said about how the Get Momentum Academy has helped him be a better leader:

I’ve been a part of another online leadership training program in the past, but the Get Momentum Academy is the best I’ve experienced. The monthly themed content is very valuable and relevant to my day-to-day life, but the greatest benefit for me has been the accessibility to Jason and Jodi and the other Get Momentum members.

Jason and Jodi really care for each member – I don’t feel like just a “customer” in their program.

They respond quickly to needs and requests and Jason has gone out of his way to introduce me to an alumni member to help with one of my specific needs. That alumnus generously connected with me pro bono as a great kindness.

The online forum has provided several opportunities for me to connect “in real life” with members to collaborate on ideas and offer accountability to move toward our respective goals.

I can’t recommend the Get Momentum Academy more highly. I hope you’ll consider joining and will look forward to connecting with you if you do!

Don’t put off for one more day what you can start RIGHT NOW!

Click to learn more and join the Get Momentum Academy.