Your #coach is a nationally ranked, age-group triathlete. I’m registered to race in the USAT national championships next month.

A dream that was 15 years in the making.

So, what is that thing (goal, dream, project, change) you are getting #momentum on?

And, what’s it gonna take to make it happen?

As for me, I had to learn and practice and try new things. And…the big one: I got a coach. Actually, coaches.

Over the past decade of racing smarter I’ve hired swim, bike and run coaches. I’ve worked with nutritionalists, I’ve had people follow me around for a day-in-the life, I’ve even worked out in “the lab,” sucking air through straws and having my blood tested every MINUTE through a 45 minute workout.

Tell me, you want to be better, right? You want to achieve momentum. Please tell me you’re getting coaching from the very people who have done, and continue to do the things you do.

Ready to work with your new coaches? See you soon! Join today…