Over the last week, 17 people sent me an email asking what the bonuses are when they order Get Momentum, How To Start When You’re Stuck.


So I thought I’d send you a note, to give you the whole story, right here:

1. Get Momentum Starter Kit ($60 value)
A 20+ page workbook pdf that will help you finally start the project that’s stuck.

2.Get Momentum Video ($100 value)
In this 27-minute presentation, I share 3 ways you can get started in the next 24 hours. Not only can you watch the video, you can download and listen to the mp3 file.

3. The Productive Leader Video ($100 value)
In this 50-minute keynote presentation, I introduce the key productivity lessons to inspire you and guide you toward momentum. Again, you can download the mp3 audio file.

4. Meeting Agenda PDF ($100 value)
I have a list of questions you can use to more completely prepare for time-saving and more productive meetings. Use this template as you move through your project.

We work on the honor system.

So if you’ve bought the book, all you need to do is enter your name and email on the Bonus page, and we’ll send you right to the bonuses.


No need to show a receipt or confirmation number… I trust you.

Thank you for your support and encouragement on this ride!

In momentum,

… Jason …