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Are you motivated to do your best?

Do you need to get motivated to do more?

It has been a WILD 5 years podcasting for you. It all started with Episode 1 published on March 4th, 2011. Here is number 215!

This isn’t the kind of motivation you were fed in high school. No “rah-rah” “let’s go get em” here. No, we’re talking about something much, MUCH more. This is your legacy. This is your life-purpose. This is the stuff of which you’re made. If this is your first episode of the podcast, get ready to think for a little bit. If you’ve been here all along, let’s get you some new questions to ask, ok???

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Did you hear what’s happening on May 2nd, 2016?
  • There’s a very specific question to ask, if you’re going to achieve your life-goals.
  • The people around you CAN influence what you do (and don’t) do.
  • You need to write some things down. Get a pen and paper.
  • This is the 4th to the last episode of this podcast!

Well, in the comment area below you can let us know what YOU think of this ‘cast.

We don’t want you working harder.
We want you to be the YOU you can be.

More than 5 years ago we started the Your Best Just Got Better podcast for you. This is episode 2015, and there are many other episodes. Scroll through them (below) and see if there is another one that “speaks” to you.

If this is the first episode you’ve ever listened to, welcome! You can listen to all previous episodes and be one of the first to hear the new episode each week when we publish it.

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