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Are you running behind? On time? Or ahead??

Is the “too much to do” stressing you out?

Every 2 weeks, can listen to another episode of the podcast. Here is number 213!

Have you ever thought about what would be like if you were just a little bit ahead? I mean, if you were working even a little bit today on something that wasn’t due for a week or two, wouldn’t you feel like you were productive? I’ll share with you something we call the “30/30 Rule” and it just might change the way you do everything. If you’re out for a walk, listen carefully. And, if you’re sitting at a desk, grab a pen and paper, you’ll get some ideas, if you’re ready!

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Do you know Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour? I’ve learned a lot from him.
  • There is a little trick I can give you that will make you super-productive.
  • Getting things done doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.
  • There’s a WHOLE chapter in my next book on Milestones.
  • There’s a way your company can get $45,000 work of value by listening to this episode!

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If you need to be get ahead, you need this episode.

You will get ideas you can use right away.

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