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Think you don’t have meetings?

Do you talk, agree, and do things?

So far this year, I’ve recorded an episode of the podcast every two weeks for you. Here is number 210!

Last month, Get Momentum members around the world spent 31 days studying how they prepare for, attend, lead and follow up with meetings. Over and over again, leaders wrote to Jodi and I saying things like, “I had NO idea just how many meetings I actually attend each week!” Here is what one member from Belgium wrote:

It’s very funny: when I had my session with Jodi this month I told her that this module was not so related to my business and that I don’t have the meetings that bigger companies have.

But she gave me a whole different perspective on the concept “meetings” and since then, I’ve been meeting with more people than ever, enjoying every one of them. What attracts me most in those informal meetings is the amount of information we exchange over a nice conversation in hip and energizing places.

Just to say that it has been a more than pleasant experience to set up “meetings” in New York City while I’m here.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Do you about the “Halfway Rule” and meetings?
  • That every meetings needs a PAL.
  • There is a better (and worse) time to start a meeting.
  • Trust is built at the transactional level.
  • You DO meet more than you think!

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