Some of you know me as the “Productivity” guy. But, what you might NOT know – or only heard about – is that I’m just as likely to be “UNproductive” as I am likely to get a BUNCH done. But, before I get in to all of that…

If we haven’t talked voice-to-voice yet, “Happy New Year.”

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PRODUCTIVITY: 7 Essentials for Making Your Strategy Succeed


Today is February 1st.

You were excited when you started the new year, but if you haven’t implemented any new changes, 2016 will be the same as last year

Think about it: 31 days… Gone.

2016 is 1/12 over.

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Some of you are going to take me up on an offer. For those who do, you’re in for a real treat.

Alas, most of you won’t. And you’ll continue wasting time and effort every day. (Do join us!)

Let me share with you why I have so much energy this Monday afternoon:

  • I’m on track to run in my first-ever Marathon on Valentine’s Day. No, don’t congratulate me yet, I still need to run those 26.2 miles – healthy – before I celebrate.
  • In 5 days, Jodi and I will receive the galley copy of our newest book, “Get Momentum: How to Start, When You’re Stuck” (Wiley, May 2nd, 2016)
  • Oh, based on my race performance last year, I’ve qualified to race in the USA Triathlon NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in August. (See you in Omaha!
  • Today, we launched the February theme at the Get Momentum Leadership Academy. It is titled, “Productivity Through Technology.”
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Because we want to give blog readers the FIRST chance to create a #Better future by studying the secrets of leadership, productivity and workplace performance.

By now you’re still wondering if Get Momentum will be valuable for you. So, just ask yourself which of the following best fits your situation:

  1. “I’m feeling overwhelmed, and I’m not sure what my next steps are.”
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  3. “I struggle to be accountable and stay on track.”
  4. “I feel like I’m missing out on “insider information” and it’s holding me back.”

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Allow me to share what I know having studied thinkers AND doers like

  • Elon Musk,
  • Bruce Lee,
  • Beethoven,
  • Oprah,
  • Michelangelo,
  • Steve Jobs
  • and other world-changing, thought-provoking, revolutionary leaders.

Here’s something else you might not know:

Since starting our company in 2007, Jodi and I have invested more than 20,000 hours and $200,000 dollars learning what makes top performers the best in the world.

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7 Productivity Essentials for Making Your Strategy Succeed

Yours in momentum,


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