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Did you set “new year’s” resolutions?

Want to achieve more, faster???

Every 2 weeks now, I’ve been recording a podcast for you. Here is number 209!

Today, people work just as much with “knowledge” as they do “skill.” What you know will surely make a difference to your life, and your career. However, it is no longer JUST what you know; it’s who.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Want to know what makes a great mentor?
  • That within 60 months you can be much, much better.
  • How to use your journal to build your team.
  • The 5 people you spend the most time influence you.
  • If you want to change your life, change your friends!

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If you’re growing professionally, you need this podcast.
I will give you a few ideas you can use right away.

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