Dylan Donner, an amazing leader in Wichita, Kansas invited me to speak at an event he is coordinating in March, 2016. In anticipation, he and I sat down to have a few conversations.

How you finish the workday is SO important. It sets your mood for the rest of your evening; it impacts your personal relationships, your overall satisfaction, and your quality of sleep. Plus, it sets the stage for the next time you’re in the office.

Perhaps you spend the last 10 minutes of your workday reviewing your calendar for the next work day. Great.

Or, maybe you sprint to the end, burying yourself in work until the very last minute — then you grab your stuff and run for the door without saying goodbye to your colleagues.

Maybe it’s time to review your end-of-day routine….

Try this End Of The Day Idea:

Stay focused.

One of my mentors early in my career gave me some great advice, “When you’re at work, work!”

Brilliant, don’t you think? Keep from getting distracted or caught up in non-work related activities at the very end of the day.
This topic of focus is an especially timely topic. I hope you enjoy.

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