There are four things on my mind right now:

1: Holiday music is in stores – are you ready?
2. Winter is coming – are your plans made?
3. 2015 will be history in less than 6 weeks – did you achieve your goals?
4. The first quarter of 2016 is already spoken for (for many of you) – Jodi and I are your coaches. Use us. More.

Hi there.

I’m sitting in a Pret a Manger here in New York City, awaiting the time I get to walk across the street and meet the client I’m serving later today.

BUT, earlier this morning, I met with a client I’ve worked with 9+ years here in Manhattan. He’s joining as a PREMIUM member of Get Momentum. And, he’s going to pay 50% of the tuition so anyone WHO WANTS from his 26 senior management staff can join as PROFESSIONAL members of Get Momentum. (How’s that for Commitment to Momentum?)

Here’s what he said, “If we ALL went through the module each month, what do you think would happen to our weekly team meetings?”

You can probably imagine the smile on my face…

Turns out, he meets for 30 minutes a week with as many people as are in town. The have a process [we are going to refine it] of moving through acknowledgement of the wins that month as well as concerns that people have about next month. As I was sharing with him the 12 themes we study each year, I could see his eyes light up…

Look, we’re about to get busy.

All of us, we’re going to get way, way busy. In two weeks, Jodi and I will launch a new theme AND we’ll move into December.

What can you expect as a Get Momentum member in 2016?

Attend the December 10th Master Class, we’ll drop a few hints!

Hey, what do you need?

Leave a comment below… let us know what you’re Getting Momentum on. We will find a way to help you, my promise.