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When it’s time to be ready, are you already ready?

Are you creating the conditions to be at your best?

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There are significant aspects to you being “at your best.” Day in, and day out – at work and in life – people are counting on you to be your best. When you can show up at your 100%, when you can do your best work, when you can be present for those who need you, THAT is when you have your most productive days.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Did you know that Jason buys coffee for people who’ve been promoted?
  • There is ONE activity you can do, every season, that will help you succeed.
  • Finding out when you’re at your best requires a little bit of time, and one sheet of paper.
  • It’s possible to work smarter, think bigger and achieve more.
  • Instead of wishing things were easier, work on you being better!

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If it’s time to make new habits, you need this podcast. I promise!!

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