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Have you ever been ashamed of how much you have?

Do you play it on the “down-low” how much more you want?

A teacher I’ve learned a LOT from was Peter Drucker. Mind you, I never met him. But, I am mentored by his protege Ms. Frances Hesselbein.

Recently, I read this quote he wrote: “Those who perform love what they’re doing.”

It’s my opinion that you weren’t put here on the planet to ever have time to “do nothing.” No, not for people like you and I. We are here to take action. To move forward. To make things happen.

The whole reason you’d listen to a podcast called Your Best Just Got Better is, in fact, so you can figure out how to do MORE!

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Do you know the BEST times to acknowledge someone for a job well done?
  • What “Wanting more” has to do with “Being more.”
  • How to “extinguish” behavior or action you want someone to stop.
  • (Especially if that person is you!)
  • Finally, how to take action and achieve the “More” you want!

Please take an action on this podcast; do leave us a question, an idea, a prompt below, so we know what YOU think.

If it’s time to make new habits, practice new actions, and achieve bigger goals, you need this podcast. 

I promise!!

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