Are you reading this on your phone, in bed?

Maybe you’re commuting to work on a tablet on the train.

Or you could be reading this in between meetings on your lunch break.

No matter WHAT, the only way you’re reading this – and watching that video – is if you’re connected to the Internet. And, connected to the Internet means you’re connected to everything. And, it’s just THAT that I’m concerned about.

Did you know that most people reading this blog are juggling more priorities than they can handle? Did you know that at the end of most days, when I call to check in with Get Momentum members (worldwide) there is one thing I constantly hear, and that is, “Jason…there’s just too much to do.”

Oh, and did you know that after making 32 phone calls last week, I heard NO as the answer to this question 17 times:

“Are you going to have time to work out/exercise/practice yoga/relax today?”

That’s more than 50% of the people I’m talking to saying they are “too stressed” and have “too much to do” to do the VERY things that would de-stress them. And they know it.

Well, this is the reason we’ve partnered with – it’s yoga, relaxation, stretching AND strength training right here. Right on your phone/tablet/computer. If you can connect to the Internet and you have 5-15 minutes, you have my word that will teach you something you can use RIGHT AWAY.


Every Get Momentum member who joins at the Professional and Premium level automatically receives a 90-day membership ($30 value) to

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