Efficient, Effective, Engaged, Empowering…


One of the (many) responsibilities of an effective leader is to “sense” when people around them are feeling (or acting) dis-empowered. It’s not always easy, in the day-to-day busy-ness of life, and the incredible pressures of managing life, to take the time to “listen intuitively” to notice whether or not people around you are giving their all, if they’re 100% “bought in” to your vision and the mission.

What if, instead of trying to guess, you simply start doing what you need to ensure that the people who work around you feel empowered, say they’re engaged, work effectively and work efficiently. Look, your organization doesn’t have a “Productivity” problem; you have a “working-together-together” problem.

This month (August, 2015) at Get Momentum, you’re going to explore the reason, strategy and tactics necessary to create an “empowering” workplace for yourself, and for others.

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