Do you know what it takes to be a great leader? No, you might not have dreams of being the next leadership coaches like Peter Drucker or John Wooden, or social change-agents like Mother Theresa and Ghandi. (Or, maybe you do!)

I’m talking about everyday greatness like being the best friend, parent, neighbor, boss, colleague, community member you can be. I’m talking about having your head rest on the pillow at night and you asking yourself just ONE question:

“Was I at my best today?”

In fact, I’d recommend you stop reading right now.

Don’t read the rest of this post until you have answered that question 5 nights in a row. And, when you DO answer that question (written out in your own handwriting, on a notepad next to your bed) call me and I’ll walk you through a 30-minute Executive Coaching debrief session.

I propose managers and leaders lose momentum because (1) they AND their team lack discipline. I define discipline as:

a system of rules of conduct

There are reasons you AND they are not disciplined. Among them are:

(2) They second-guess their direction
(3) They put off achieving milestones until the last minute
(4) They consistently seek new/extra information
(5) They aren’t 100% clear on the destination

If any of this rings true, let’s talk about enrolling your team in Get Momentum for a year.

Things will get better. You have my word.