At mile 47 of our 53-mile ride on June 22nd (80% of which was uphill), I had some serious momentum. As I passed a guy riding a Specialized bicycle, he made a comment about my calves. (Yeah, I know, weird…)

Well, I slowed down enough to ride side-by-side with him and said, “Every morning in the shower I do 40 toe-raises. I think it helps.”

His reply was telling, “Wow, you’re really disciplined.”

Now, I should have just left it at that…but I didn’t; I couldn’t.

“I once worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. I spent an extra day there, walking around and reading about the scientists who lived and worked there through the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. One of the things they competed on was just how much they could in without having to think about it. It was the early days of ‘computing’ mathematics.”

His next reply should have shut me up…But, I had the endorphins, momentum and the attitude of climbing a long hill in the Sierras!

“Wow, that would be a life of no variety.”


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