Happy Summertime to YOU!

I have good news… and then some bad news. Are you ready?

Good news: Summertime means vacation time.

Bad news. According to a recent survey*, most people who took a vacation didn’t unplug while away.

In fact, 25% said they worked every day.

In the past month, Jodi and I have taken 8 days of vacation, 5 of which we did NO work at all. We didn’t make a single call or send even one email. We didn’t work on the website, or write an article. We did no work. We hiked in Ojai, biked in Lake Tahoe and kayaked through the roaring rapids of the Rogue River in Oregon. (I included a picture of the last rapid.)

How did we do it?

We addressed THREE important issues. If you’d like to read what we did, click here...