Over at Get Momentum, we believe that it is vital to your personal and professional success to be able to present your ideas proactively. No matter the occasion (and, the more aware of it I am, the more I realize that people “take the stage” all the time!), the ability to create a personal presentation that informs, engages and motivates someone to do something is a skill EVERY LEADER needs.

In fact, Harvard Business School published research that stages that leaders who develop mindset-based techniques – such as those we coach you in at Get Momentum – as they prepare for discussions, meetings or presentations are more likely to be viewed as having “expertise, competence, and commitment” and “someone others want to follow.”


You Are a Presenter (is it time to enhance your skill set?)

  • Do you talk to clients on the phone?
  • Do you manage meetings with small groups of people?
  • Do you ever “take the stage” and present in front of large groups?

If you have something to share, and an audience to share it with, you need to improve your presentation skills.

People make snap decisions about your quality based on how confident you present yourself.

I have a short quiz that will help you focus on improving your presentations.

Click here to take the quiz.

Whether you’re talking to a someone important on the phone, leading a team meeting, or standing on stage, getting better will have a big impact on your career…and your life.