I am a “Breakfast Fan.” Sure, I could link to a few studies here in this post to prove the fact that breakfast is an important meal; but look, you either think it is…or you don’t.

I realized I could have been more honest.

Last Saturday, Jodi and I shared some air time on a radio station (here in Ventura, CA). The name of the segment: Powered Couples. For about 30 minutes, we got to tell some of the stories about what it’s like to live, love, work, and play together. I wish we could have kept the microphones and kept on recording as we sat at a local coffee shop for another hour or so; that’s when it got juicy.

You see, looking back on the conversation now, I think we were a little bit soft; it was 6am on a Saturday morning for goodness sake. Although we had the questions upfront (yeah, we wrote the questions the host was going to ask) I look back now and realize that we played safe. There wasn’t a real strong position any of us took for the time we had on-air.

Let me write about what I could have talked about that would have been on the edge.

Treat yourself better.

Seriously, let’s just take your nutrition for tomorrow. (If we had time to talk, I’d probably run down a list of things I want you work on…) Think about the food that’s going to be around over the next 18 or so hours. What are you going to put in? When? What are you going to expect your body to do? And how much of that are you going to want to do?

I took this picture a while back, and did a little research to give you some perspective. That there is a typical breakfast when I’m home. I’ll mix it up a bit, but usually I’m looking to get some Fat, some Carbs and some Protein. Oh, how much? I wrote it down.

Latte: Fat = 2 grams; Carbohydrates = 16; Protein = 5

Half a Bagel: Fat = 9; Carbohydrates = 6; Protein = 4

One Egg: Fat = 4.5; Carbohydrates = 1; Protein = 6

Oatmeal: Fat = 2; Carbohydrates = 34; Protein = 2

So while sitting at our new local favorite little coffeeshop, about an hour after our radio show appearance, Jodi and I moved the conversation to an entirely new level. At one point she asked, “What do you wish you’d done differently during the radio show?” I immediately said, “Next time, I’m going to give them something big. I played save – and small – today.”

And that’s when I came up with the comment, “Treat yourself better.” So, for you I’ve just got two little questions: #1: What’s the thing you want to be able to do more of? and #2: How can you treat yourself the way you’ll need to be treated to do that?

Look, I know that breakfast may not be your thing; you may not see what I see when I wrote this little missive, than figure out what taking care of you would look like…from your perspective. Then…do that more.