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Do they hear what you say?

Do you watch them listen?

The next time you talk with someone, you’ll have a unique opportunity to watch them receive what it is you have to say. There is SO much research out there on communication styles and just how important it is to communicate clearly. What if instead of reading all the research, you simply read the listener.

In this episode, you’ll also learn…

  • Do you know what university Jason is speaking at today?
  • Observing someone will make you a better communicator.
  • This is the second to the last podcast episode.
  • Yes, really! Almost 4 years of podcasts, and change is coming.
  • What one thing is the most important for us to share…Ready?

Please do leave us a question, an idea, a prompt below, so we know what YOU think of this ‘cast.

Next month, things are changing. BIG time…

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