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What have you said “yes” to?

Could you manage your agreements better?

Years ago, I earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology. For two years (it was one of those “executive ed” programs) I spent a weekend a month, and a week during the summer, studying the impact of the psyche on productivity. It was important to me that I completely understand the connection between “saying” and “doing.” Years later (published in 2010) I wrote a book with my dad on the topic!

In this episode, you will learn…

  • What special day it is today for GET MOMENTUM members
  • How close we are to celebrating podcast episode #200
  • Two ways you can make – and keep – promises #Better
  • You can join GET MOMENTUM by visiting

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This marks episode number 196 of the Your Best Just Got Better podcast.

What do you think? Do we celebrate BIG at episode 200? Here’s what I’m thinking: If we can get to 500,000 downloads, I’ll host a dinner party here in Ojai.

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