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Are you living a “plus one” life?

Have you ever worked an extra hour, hoping it would help?

I’m sure you’ve fallen victim to this productivity trap: You’re under pressure to get something done, but you didn’t have enough time during the week.

So, you stayed at work an hour later; or, you came in an hour earlier; or, you worked an extra hour or two on the weekend… In this episode of the podcast, I want to make the case for you STOPPING doing that. I want to share what I’ve learned about improving productivity, without having to work a lot more…

First, you have to know where you’re losing time. THEN, you need to use that time better. So, want to know how to to do it? Listen in…

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Jason took 4 days off-line to be with Jodi in the _________ Islands
  • 200 senior executives and political leaders in South America have a copy of Jason’s book
  • You can RADICALLY improve how you prepare for upcoming meetings and important trips
  • It IS possible to learn how to use your technology better
  • Now is the time to focus on your year-long goals (we’d like to help!)

Any time Jodi or I can be of service, just let us know via

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If we achieve 500,000 downloads by episode 200, I’m going to invite you to come have dinner with Jodi and I here in Ojai. It’ll be like a HUGE 4-hour “Get Momentum Leadership Retreat.”

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