How’s THIS for a question?

“Jason, what tools do you use to get so many things done?”

I think it’s important to start with a little background; actually, let me list out a recent week for you:

  • Saturday: Drive to Los Angeles; attend birthday party for family; sleep in a hotel near LAX airport.
  • Sunday: Fly LAX – New York City; organize hotel room for a 9-day stay; go to dinner; work; read.
  • Monday: Work out (hotel gym); breakfast; on-site w/ client (seminar + coaching); dinner w/ mentee group in New Jersey
  • Tuesday: Work out; breakfast; on-site w/ client (coaching all day); Dad arrives to town for 3 days
  • Wednesday: breakfast; on-site w/ client (2 workshops in one day); dinner; Broadway musical w/ Dad
  • Thursday: breakfast; #CoffeeChat: on-site w/ client (8am-4pm public seminar); happy hour w/ clients; dinner
  • Friday: Work out; breakfast; on-site w/ client (coaching all day); 90-minute writing session; dinner
  • Saturday: #CoffeeChat; brunch w/ mentor; 2-3 hour reading session; letter writing session
  • Sunday: Work out; self-guided photo tour of NYC using Google Glass; 3-hour work session; nap; dinner; client follow-up session

Ok, so on with the answer to the question: Just visit this page and I will send you “The 4 Things I Won’t Work Without” PDF Report.