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Is there something in the way?

All that “stuff” you’ve got, is it helping?

When it comes to to getting the right things done, and making sure you’re working on your priorities, how are you doing…What you’re doing? There is a saying that a “clean house is an indicator of a messy mind.” But, I don’t completely buy it. What if a clear space acted as a magnet of good ideas? That’s how I like to think about it. If you want to learn how to be less frustrated with all the stuff that’s lying around, listen in to this episode of the podcast. I know you want more freedom to think clearly, and be more innovative. Here you go!

In this episode, you will learn…

  • The topic of “clearing clutter” is an important one to Jason
  • What happens to Jason’s desk when he’s gone on an 11-day trip
  • ONE tactic you can use today to start “clearing the clutter”
  • Productivity, Engagement and Organization are all connected
  • How you can control your inboxes better…

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This marks episode number 193 of the Your Best Just Got Better podcast.

We are getting ready to celebrate BIG at episode 200. The plan: If you help us achieve 500,000 downloads, I’ll host a dinner party here in Ojai. (We’re getting closer!) Dinner’s on me, you just gotta help us share the podcast with as many people as you can. Whether this is the first episode you’ve heard, or you’re a “long time listener,” YOU are the reason this podcast exists. Scroll through them (below) and see if there is another one that “speaks” to you.

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