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Are you committed?

Is winning a “nice to” or a “HAVE to”?

I spent an hour on a video chat yesterday with a client I’m working with in Harare, Zimbabwe. Yes, you read that correctly… A book reader in Africa has invited us to create and facilitate a “Leadership Development Symposium” for three groups to come and study together. For the first 30 minutes we talked, we shared stories of our experiences: Linda has been “leading the community” for more than 30 years, and she discovered my book when a TED Speaker – Saki Mafundikwa – brought it to her after he and I met in Portland, Oregon last July!

This week’s podcast uncovers some of the secrets I’ve discovered over the years of studying high performance workplace performance. First of all “work” is a word we sometimes mis-understand. You see, some people think work is something they “go to” and “get paid for.” That’s not our definition. To us here at The Womack Companies, work is what we do because we see something that could be #better. (Yes, we DO use the hashtag before the word better…)

In this episode, you’ll also learn…

  • What happens when you commit to something with your heart AND mind.
  • Jason has traveled to San Francisco and Marin County.
  • Jason’s passport is going to get stamped a LOT over the next 6 months.
  • Why “thinking” isn’t enough. You have to ___  __________ if you’re going to achieve more.
  • What you can do with a “REAL LIFE” situation to make progress on, and stress about less!

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What is your “MORE” this year? Listen in, achieve it!

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This marks episode number 190 of the Your Best Just Got Better podcast. What do you think? Do we celebrate BIG at episode 200? Here’s what I’m thinking: If we can get to 500,000 downloads, I’ll throw a dinner party here in Ojai. Dinner’s on me, you just gotta help us share the podcast with as many people as you can. Whether this is the first episode you’ve heard, or you’re a “long time listener,” YOU are the reason this podcast exists. Scroll through them (below) and see if there is another one that “speaks” to you.

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