What is your “More?” Are you in the market to buy or refinance a home?

If so, I only have one question for you. :

What is – according to industry insiders – the most important asset you are sitting on?

Well, according to author strategist and former lender, Shindy Chen, it is your credit score. So, how is yours?

There are nine sections to Ms. Chen’s book, and as a consumer of the American economy (and a four-time refinance guy) I know each section is valuable by itself.

Want to know how your habits, routines and practices impact your financial health? Jump to section nine.

Need to get prepared for the loan origination process? Section two is for you.

Are you just starting out, getting ready to take your home ownership on and upleveling your overall assets and liabilities? Sit down for an hour a night every night this month and plan your financial future. Read this book. It will help you.

[Full disclosure: I have the distinct honor of contributing a few concepts and tactics to this book. I hope you benefit from them.]

Personally, I think there is value to you thinking of your credit score in the same way a high school senior considers her SAT score. It’s a number that opens doors or closes opportunities; and, like the student who studies to take the SAT over and over again to earn a higher score, you too can take actions now to raise your credit score.

For those who have an extra 20 minutes and even the slightest interest in the history of credit in the United States, start with Chapter 1. You will, as Shindy promises, scratch the surface. Section two is where you’re going to pick up steam. Here you’ll learn about focus, goal setting, and personal productivity.

From there, this book will act as your money coach, your financial advisor, and your way shore as you move toward cleaning up your credit.

Although I feel like we’ve made some great financial decisions over the years, I wish I’d had this book 17 years ago, when we were just entering the home-buying market…