A creative…A designer…A husband and a dad…And, a storyteller. In this “less-than-20-minute-sharing,” my affinity toward and interest in Steve Jobs only increased.

Over the years, I’ve been a fan of the Apple line of products. I’ve read most of the articles that have been published; and of course the BIG biography by Walter Isaacson. But, more importantly to what I’ve consumed has been what I have created over the past few years.

There are three specific areas of my work and my life that are most influenced by the guy you see speaking to Stanford graduates in 2005…

1. Is this in line with what’s in my heart?
Decisions are made moment to moment, and they create what the experience I look back on and ay “I had.” No, things don’t just “happen to me” nearly as much as they used to; this one heart/head/gut check process I have makes it easier for me to question the questionable choices, and move full speed ahead toward the ones that come from a more conscious place.

2. Do I love the problem I have?
A mentor of mine who used to work with Steve Jobs, and meets with me 3-5 time per year here in Ventura, taught me how to think this way. Problems aren’t problems; not in the sense I was brought up for them to mean. In stead, problems are puzzles to dance with, to play with, to think about, to dream about. I can ONLY imagine what those first few meetings that Steve Jobs was in (actually, I don’t know if they would have been “meetings,” he probably took off his shoes and went for a walk…) where they were discussing the iPhone. Do you think they had ANY idea what problems they’d be solving?

I dare you to go to the iTunes Store, click on Apps, and wonder, “Did they EVEN think about this kinds of problems people would solve for???”

3. Are the right people in the room?
In this month’s Get Momentum module (click here for info), I refer to some of the executives who have made great changes to the way that executives, leaders and knowledge workers “meet and discuss” at work. Some of the stories of Steve Jobs running/attending meetings remind me of exactly how I’ve always looked at the process of getting people together in a room.

There are even stories of both Steve and I looking out over the gathered few in a meeting and “inviting” those who really don’t need to be there…to leave.


If you have a chance to be one of the 21,000,000+ people who listen to one of the great leaders of our time share “How To Live Before You Die,” do take a moment and watch this clip…I think you’ll like it.