It’s the first Wednesday of 2015, and I’m heading to a “calendared event,” call it a meeting if you will…

And, I’m writing specifically to invite you to join Get Momentum today.

Can I tell you why?

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that there are 11 million meetings held every day in America. How many of those did you attend or lead?

Have you ever stopped to ask, “What does a successful meeting look like?”

Do you have big decisions to make this year? This month?

Are the meetings you attend as effective and efficient as possible?

This month, leaders like you are becoming more effective Meeting Managers.

Get Momentum members worldwide are learning the secrets of more successful meetings.

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There are FOUR areas leaders need to focus on to become excellent meeting managers. This month, we cover how to:

Prepare for an effective meeting

Lead an effective meeting

Attend an effective meeting

and Follow Up effectively


Imagine if your meetings were more efficient and effective.

Join Get Momentum today and you can attend tomorrow’s 45-minute Master Class titled:

“Plan, Lead and Attend Better Meetings.”

I know that meetings have a bad reputation. Think about it, everyone loves to complain about meetings. But here’s the thing…meetings aren’t going away anytime soon.


And Get Momentum members I’ve talked to say they spend 20-30 hours a week planning and attending meetings. If your schedule is anything like this, you know how consuming and important it is.

Having more efficient, effective and productive meetings could save you 20% of the time you’re currently spending. That equals 4-6 hours that you could get back into your life.

During tomorrow’s Online Global Webinar “Master Class,” Get Momentum members will learn:

1. How “Decision Fatigue” negatively affects your ability to lead effectively.

2. At least 3 of the 5 skills effective managers know about running meetings.

3. The impact that “Checklists” – and examples – have on meeting management.


AND, studying the month-long Momentum Module this month, you’ll learn how to effectively plan and prepare for a meeting, keep the meeting on track, manage any problems that arise, and properly follow up afterwards.

There is plenty of time to sign up as a member so you can be on the live Master Class that’s happening this Thursday, January 8th. We present the Master Class as a webinar twice each day, once early in the day, and once in the evening…we RECORD the Master Class so you can watch it later when you have time.


Basic monthly Get Momentum Membership is just $99/month. I know you’ll get more than 10X the value you pay to be a part of it.

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