I bought and read the Kindle edition of “Reputation Economics: Why Who You Know is Worth More Than What You Have” during the few weeks after Joshua and I began emailing each other back and forth in late 2014. And THAT was after I’d seen his TED Talk on “Crows” years before, heard him speak live in Camden, Maine at the PopTech conference, and followed him for a while on Twitter.

Before I read someone’s book, I like to know a little about them if it’s possible!

While I was reading Josh’s book, I emailed him to ask if he’d ever have time to meet while I visit New York (I’m still working in The City 3-5 days per month…). Success! He said yes. So, I read and highlighted my way through his latest book. I highly recommend all the Get Momentum members read this book; it offers a user-based case study on WHY we need to be conscious of our “Reputation,” both personal AND professional.

“So what are reputation economies? It’s actually pretty straightforward–they’re exchanges that use more (or other) measures than just financial currency.”