I believe that we actually get MORE free time during the Holidays than any other time of the year.

(Especially if you travel!)

YOU may not think this is true because you are not (yet) ready to take advantage of all the “extra” time that I am confident is going to come your way. Think of it as the “hurry up and wait” season…

Have you ever experienced something like this:

“You’re on your way to a meeting or an event – or maybe a family holiday gathering. Suddenly, something happens that surprises you, and you find yourself waiting. Maybe the people you’re meeting with are running late, your flight is delayed, or the commute is extra long because of the holiday traffic…”

What do you do with that “extra” time?

These windows of time are wasted if you’re not prepared. And not only are they wasted, but they’re usually the times when people feel most frustrated and out of control.

The reason I prepare so intensely is that I want to get as much of the little stuff done and out of the way during these nonessential times. Then when I do arrive, I’m in a great state of mind to relax and enjoy the time with my friends and family!

A Little Goes a Long Way

Take 1% of your day (= 15 minutes) right now and prepare for what you can do when you’re surprised with some of this “extra” time. (I’ve shared SOME of the items from my list this year below…)

Okay, my hope is you get beyond “I’ll just check email really quickly…” because we know #1 it’s never quick and #2 it never gets you ahead of the game.  Here are my latest  “Top 10” things I know I can do in about 15 minutes.

Feel free to use this list while you make your own!

10. Write a card (holiday card, thank you, birthday, postcard!)
9. Unpack, purge and repack my travel bag or wallet
8. Start a “Jason’s Update” letter to send to one of my mentors
7. Review and organize the articles and content folders in my “cloud” storage
6. Do a “mind dump;” write down a list of +50 things that have my attention
5. Update the apps/icons on my SmartPhone, make sure what I need is  there
4. Clean up the desktop of my laptop computer (file, delete, share)
3. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks that I’ve downloaded to my SmartPhone
2. Review my calendar for the next 3 weeks for appointments/reservations to make
1. Call my mom (my dad, my sister, or a good friend)

More time is lost during the Holidays than any other time of year

It’s not hard to see why the Holidays are a perfect time to set yourself up for success by having at least one small task that you could do to push your mission forward.

Don’t think too hard about this — your 15 minute activities might be listening to a podcast, researching gifts on your mobile phone, or simply slowing down and enjoying the moment (yes, you can consider this meditation as a task).

What is ONE 15-minute activity that you are going to focus on this Holiday season? Please type it in the comment section below. I’m curious to see what you’re hoping to accomplish. (Also, I look forward to all of us reading this post and getting ideas from one another.)

I wish you the BEST for a happy and stress-less Holiday season.