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What do you have to give away?

Do you know how to leverage your network?

The era of networking is passing us by. The idea of showing up at an event, business card in hand, meeting and greeting, and collecting names and numbers is not longer valid. I mean, sure, you’re bound to leave one of those events with some todos…I just want to challenge you to make sure they are the RIGHT todos. So, how do you know what to do? Listen in…

In this episode, you’ll also learn…

  • Where Jason is hosting a #CoffeeChat on Friday!
  • What a book reader wrote in a review for Jason’s book, Your Best Just Got Better
  • The BEST way to build a network.
  • What special event is coming up in Ojai next February.
  • Who Jason would like to meet…if you have any “Silicon Valley” connections!

Please do leave us a question, an idea, a prompt below, so we know what YOU think of this ‘cast.

Next month, things are changing. BIG time…

If you want to build your network, listen to this episode!

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