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How long will you take to start doing something consistently?

When was the last time you thought you’d change a habit?

So, you’ve probably heard the research about how long it takes to turn a new practice in to a habit. Well, I’m here to tell you to stop thinking that way. I mean, really, before you commit to the 18 or 21 or 66 days it’s going to take, wouldn’t it be worth your while to take just 5 days to identify whether or not you should even THINK about turning that thing in to a habit?

In this episode, you’ll also learn…

  • There is a change coming to the podcast. Ready?
  • Where Jason has been lately.
  • How long it “might” take to turn something in to a habit.
  • How you can start making a change without really doing that much.
  • Oh, and, one more request from Jodi before we end the month!

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Next month, things are changing. BIG time…

If it’s time to make new habits, you need this podcast.

I promise!!

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