In 2014, I’ve sat down with more than 60 Managing Directors, Senior Partners and VPs in what we call “Better Discussions.” The point of these conversations is to come up with an inventory of 1-2 things they want to “Do better” or “Be better at” and look at an Individual Development Plan as they move from their “here” to their “there.”

What are some of the bigger topics we discuss?

  1. Prioritization
  2. Delegation
  3. Leadership
  4. Communication
  5. Better self care
  6. Relationship management
  7. Email organization

Take a look at that last one… #7. When it comes to making the best little bit better, it is so important that you understand how to use all the tools at your disposal. One of the things that we look at together during our best just got better coaching program is how you can get from seeing something, to doing something, to achieving something.

And, the achieving, always means achieving more.

So, I have created for you a great tutorial on what we call the Outlook dashboard.

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