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Last month over at GetMomentum.co we addressed the topic of “Perseverance” and how effective leaders need to be able to go through the tough times…especially when they are tough.

As you look around your work and your world, pick one goal that you know you’d like to achieve, and clearly state what the experience will be when you get there.

I know of 4 productivity tactics that will give you the super-power you will need when the times get tough. However, you know me…and I’m only going to focus on ONE of these tactics each week. That way, you don’t feel overwhelmed, and you can test the information I share with you bit-by-bit…or, as my writing teacher Anne Lamott said, “Write that book bird-by-bird…”

Ok, so here are the four ways to persevere – again, I’m only going to talk to you about one a week…

This week’s tactic: Clarify your vision of what “There” looks like 

The other three are:

  1. Build a team of peers who support you
  2. Reflect – daily – on your wins
  3. Focus, Focus, Focus on what you’re about to do next

During the last “member’s-only” town hall at Get Momentum, we asked, “What gets in your way of achieving on your most important goals?” From around the world, they told us:

  • I have too many priorities
  • I’m too distracted at my desk
  • There are competing intentions from management

Does any of that sound familiar?

You see… I’m a student of leadership, and I look for the qualities in and of those around me who demonstrate leadership. I’m also a historian – so, I look to the past for anchors, examples of times past, that I can look to for advice and the occasional bit of inspiration… Here’s one from a long-time-ago American President, John Quincy Adams…

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Want to know how to persevere through tough times? I have a writing tactic for you and here it is…take out 4 note-sized cards, and on each one write down one of those “mores.” Here they are again:

  • Dream more
  • Learn more
  • Do more
  • Become more

Then, every day for the next 5 days add ONE item to each card representing where you see yourself – your vision – 36 months from now. On day 6 – if you do this 5 days in a row – call me, and we’ll talk about your vision and I’ll coach you with the one best tools I know of, to make a vision…a reality.

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