When you think of the word “Habit” what comes to mind?

The promise…The effect

It’s probably easy to think about the EFFECT of building a habit, but when was the last time you paused to reflect on the question of starting a new habit in the first place? Let’s take health and fitness, for example: Last Thursday and Friday I hiked 52 miles in 37 hours! During my journey, I recorded three videos for you while I was in the Grand Canyon. Click on the picture above to see #3 in the series!

Over the past 5 months I had had this series of hikes on my mind. I practiced, I rehearsed, I planned…And, along the way, I realized that success (or failure) was going to come down to one factor: The Health Habit.

So, that got me started thinking, “How do we identify, form, practice, and take on new habits?”

Three Questions:

  1. Do you have any bad habits?
  2. Have you thought about replacing them with better habits?
  3. Would you like a little help in creating new and better habits?

Before you continue reading, watch that third VIDEO I made for you while walking through the Grand Canyon last Friday.

NOTE: I had been hiking for almost 45 miles by this time, and I’m a little short of breath as I was up around 7,500 feet / 2,500 meters altitude…

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Oh, and in case you’re interested, I’ll be doing that hike again next September. Want to join? Just let me know!

On the South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon